Cowboy Catering - Denver, CO

by Aaron Jensen
(Denver, CO, USA)

The Cowboy Cart

The Cowboy Cart

Our names are Dana Hill and Aaron Jensen and we operate Cowboy Catering here in Denver. Cowboy Catering is a very versatile food vendor out of Montana that has expanded to Denver, Colorado. We have a very specialized vendor cart that is a fully sustained kitchen on wheels. It is complete with three flat top grills, three stove top burners, a refrigeration unit and a full water dispensing and disposal station. We have a broad range of food items we can prepare but mostly do fresh chicken quesadillas, philly cheese steaks, crepes, and nachos. Our contact numbers and e-mail address are listed below. Either one of us will answer any questions you have. We are willing to travel all over the state of Colorado and can be prepared for any event in a very short time.

Vendor Contact Information For Event Bookings:

Dana, phone: 303-895-5260
Aaron, phone: 406-580-6936
Denver, CO

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