Crock Spot, LLC - Slow Cooked Perfection - Denver, CO

by Mandy Birks
(Denver, CO)

Stephen and Mandy serving happy customers.

Stephen and Mandy serving happy customers.

Welcome to Crock Spot! Home of perfectly slow roasted meats, served over grain varietals, and topped with specialty sauces from around the world. Crock Spot is owned and operated my Stephen Daniels and Mandy Birks. We are a fully functioning mobile food unit, that is ideal for festivals, markets and catering events.

Crock Spot, first came to fruition is 2008 while Stephen was living in New York City. He loved the idea of taking an ugly piece of meat and making it beautiful. A balance between a new technique and an old school crock pot, a mirepoix, time and a whole lotta love, he produced delicious ingredients that would feed many. The food was consistently a hit at many a dinner party and the seed of an idea was planted.

Upon reconnecting with Mandy in early 09, the idea flourished on. She instantly fell in love with his food and they both loved the concept of delivering home cooked meals that were not only yummy, but healthy too.

They spent the next 8 months perfecting a technique using crock pots, grains and popular sauces from around the world to form a fun, healthy and delicious menu.

Call us today, and enjoy home cooked meals like grandma used to make. Food that'll make you want to dance in your chair!

Stephen Daniels- Owner- 917-312-3205
Mandy Birks- Owner- 925-699-6629

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