Dale Earnhardt, Sr, - Daytona Beach, Flordia

by Josephine Schons
(Roanoke, Virginia)

Tom and Jo

Tom and Jo

I was going to the 24 Hours at Daytona in February 2001, we the Star City Corvette Club out of Roanoke Virginia, we had pit passes, down in the pits i was sitting down waiting for my husband Tom, to get us some coffee, it was raining and I was cold, I was looking all around, and then out of the blue, here came DALE, with a bunch of young fans with things for him to sign, which he did as he walked, he looked all good in black, just like he stepped out of GQ magazine. All I could do was look, I did not get to say a thing, or get an autograph, I thought this was my one chance and I blew it, because I just looked. That night our clube, and the C5 Registery had a dinner at one of the hotels on the beach, Dale and Dale Jr, and some of the other drivers were suppose to be there for autographs. I had a picture of him that i wanted to get signed, (if I got the chance). We were all standing there like a bunch of kids. Then the side door opened, and Dale came thru. I was standing there, with my Earnhardt jacket on and the picture of him (taken at Martinsville race track by a friend of mine), I handed it to him and he signed it and all I could say was "Thank You Dale". On the back of my jacket was the date embroided 2-18 when he won the Dayton 500. and my name Josephine. A gentleman in the C5 Registery, said come on Josephine, my name is Napoleon, lets go up to the front and get him to sign your jacket. I followed him thru the crowd and he led me up to the front, Dale then signed the white strip down one arm. (later I got Jr. to sign the other white strip, down the other arm)and of course all I could say was "Thank You Dale". Then I also got him to sign our zr1 leather bound manual. (i had inside the manual zora duntof's and the other drivers in the 24 hours at daytona) Later my husband wanted Dave Hill to sign our manual, so I took it up to him, and he looked at my signatures and said this is a mighty impressive bunch, I said yes, and my husband wants you to sign, I told him to sign anywhere but DO NOT MESS UP DALE EARNHARDT'S SIGNATURE . All I could ever say to Dale, was thank you Dale. I am so glad I got to see him, and he also died on my Mothers birthday.


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