Dan Quayle - Palm Beach Florida

by Corinne
(Gorham, ME)

I was working at a fancy restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida. All the other servers were used to celebrities, but I am just a suburban kid from the Boston area, so I was in awe when a famous face walked through the doors. There were several famous people who came in to eat at this place, but the best story came the night I met Dan Quayle. See, I didn't want the management to see me fawning over the former vice-president, so I semi-stalked him outside the men's room. There I was, a silly 22 year old girl, hovering outside the boys' room. When he came out, I walked right up to him and stuck out my hand. I wasn't expecting the wet palm that greeted me. My face must have said it all, because he immediately pulled his hand back and wiped it on his suit pants. He was charming and sweet, but almost embarrassed as me as we parted ways. Lesson: let the celebrities' hands dry after their trip to the John, or you won't be the only one gushing.

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