David Duchovny - Hollywood, California

by Erika Pineda
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Me and David Duchovny

Me and David Duchovny

I won a pair of tickets on the radio to go to a private screening of the tv series Californication that starred David Duchovny. I was so excited to go because not only was I going to see a private screening of the show, I was also going to watch it at the same time with the whole cast of the show. I couldn't believe it when i got inside the movie theater because all the stars were sitting right there behind me. It so was exciting watching the show and knowing they were just sitting behind me at the same time watching it too. When the screening was over, all the stars were in the lobby talking and when i saw David Duchovny coming towards where i was standing I kindly asked him if I could have a picture taken with him and of course he said yes! He was so tall and handsome in person. That was such a wonderful night.

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