Dee Snider - Long Island, NY

by Alyson Montez
(Los Angeles, CA)

A few years ago, I heard that my friend, Mark, was going to start a project called Van Helsing's Curse with a friend of his, Dee Snider. I was totally excited. At the time, I was really into his movie Strangeland, and, of course, Twisted Sister, as well as all of the other awesome things Dee has done (especially his stand against Tipper Gore during the big FCC crackdown on music).

I immediately got ahold of Mark's wife, Laura, to tell her how amazing I thought it was that they were working with him. Being the wonderful friend that she is, she forwarded my email to Dee, who replied by telling her to get my ass on an airplane to New York to be a part of their project, in their promo music video!

Of course, how could anyone say no to that?

So, I hopped on a plane and flew to New York, got minimal sleep, and woke up early the next day for the shoot (my first music video/celebrity experience).

When I arrived at the studio (my first television station!), I was immediately greeted by Dee’s wife, Suzette, who told me everyone in their home knew who I was now (how awesome was that?!). She then sent me to wardrobe to get into my corseted vampire gown, which I was to wear for the shoot. What ensued was my first experience with an entire crew of Hollywood-type professionals, who had to help me squeeze into the dress, with the aid of some double-sided tape and a little jumping up and down.

Finally, after extensive hair and makeup, I was sent to start shooting the video. It was a
lot of work under hot lights, in a long-sleeved, floor length, corseted velvet gown, and as I sweat, makeup would come by and powder me MORE. But it was totally worth it, for the chance to say I met/worked with Dee Snider.

After a few hours, Dee arrived on the scene, dressed in chain mail. I was really excited and a little nervous, so I shied away from him, only meeting him briefly.

The shoot went on for several hours, until disaster struck – Dee’s son’s girlfriend (now daughter-in-law) fainted and fell headfirst off of a platform during the shoot, breaking teeth, facial bones and bleeding everywhere!

That ended the filming, and I, sadly, went to change back into my regular clothes.

Then, to my surprise, I got some one-on-one time talking with Dee! I didn’t even know what to say. We talked about his film, Strangeland, and the censorship crap he had to deal with while trying to get it out for people to see. He was glad to hear that he was reaching kids my age (19 at the time), and creating something a younger generation could really relate to (like anyone wouldn’t relate to rock and roll dudes in drag!). I left the studio feeling elated from the conversation, and a little more empowered as to standing up for what I personally believe in, as he has done many times before.

All in all, the experience was amazing, I got an awesome reference for my resume, and I got to meet and share the stage (er… video screen) with a rock and roll legend!

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