Dennis Rodman - Fort Lauderdale, FL

by Tashah
(Orlando, FL, USA)

Dennis Rodman sings the blues!

Dennis Rodman sings the blues!

I have had the privilege of seeing and sometimes meeting various celebrities in person. My most recent story happened about a week ago. I was with some friends at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Fort Lauderdale at one of the bars next to the hotel. My friend pointed at a man sitting in a dark corner by himself smoking a HUGE cigar. After some whispering and staring we realized that it was DENNIS RODMAN! He was wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap, and it was obvious that he was hiding. So we left him alone.

Moments later, he appeared on stage and did a set with the band, singing "We want the Funk" by George Clinton. He was up there for several songs. He seemed to enjoy being on stage. I never got the chance to speak to him, but this defiently made my night! I hope next time I go there I see him again!

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