Design Your Own Wedding Ring By Minter & Richter Designs

by Minter Richter

Minter + Richter Designs creates and handcrafts custom titanium wedding rings and bands with a variety of inlay materials, from the well-known (wood, stone) to the exotic (antler, meteorite) to the personal (sand from the beach where you met).

Made in Boston, MA, all bands are unique and individually hand-crafted from a single billet of pure titanium. And because each love story is unique, Minter + Richter is the first in the country to offer the exclusive Love In Your Ring Wizard. The online app allows you to put your personal style into your handcrafted ring: change the finish, add anodizing, select an edge treatment, or add engraved text or even an engraved design.

All our titanium rings come with lifetime care options to keep your rings protected from damage and loss and looking as beautiful as the day you purchase them. Put the love in your ring and ring in your love at today.

Minter & Richter Designs
Two Ainsley Street

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