DeWayne Monday - Piano Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll - Lakeland, FL

by DeWayne
(Lakeland, FL, USA)

DeWayne Monday

DeWayne Monday

He is what he is? Reckless, Intense, High Spirited and he won't change. His unpredictable antics and frenetic piano playing style with his uninhabited attitude rewinds back to the time when Rock and Roll was Rock and Roll in its natural state, no fillers, just pure spontaneous sound. DeWayne?s style isn't defined as ordinary. it is completely his own. From the time he sits down behind the piano, the combination of rockabilly, blues, some huggin' music gets you interested and wanting more? THEN, an intense explosion of piano pounding, hip shakin?, get out of his way ROCK AND ROLL BOOGIE WOOGIE takes place! The fury in his music gets you excited and puts you in a state of mind to loosen up, get wild, and go a little crazy.

Observers from a wide range of venues applaud DeWayne's performing style and appreciates his passion for music and the way he plays it. What makes DeWayne different is you won't know what he's going to do will have fun though and you will be entertained.

DeWayne Monday "The Piano Rocker"

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