Dialed Action Sports Team's BMX Stunt Shows - State College, PA

by Brian Cunningham
(State College, PA)

Dialed Action Sports Team's BMX Stunt Shows

Dialed Action Sports Team's BMX Stunt Shows

Hi. Are you looking for an excellent source of entertainment at your up-coming event? Then the Dialed Action Sports Team is the way to go. With our top professional BMX riders doing the biggest and hardest tricks, you can be sure that Team Dialed will put on a spectacular show. Team Dialed provides 3 BMX stunt riders, 1 announcer, ramps, PA system, and autographs after the shows. We are also fully insured with a 1 million dollar policy.

Here at Dialed Action Sports Team we thrive on bicycle/inline/skateboarding safety, being drug free and staying in school. We push these messages during our shows. (These messages are typically for an audience of a younger age, and are not needed at every show).

Dialed Action Sports Team provides the nation’s top action sports stunt show. Our show is a definite crowd-pleaser, and it always keeps people on the edge of their seats. Young and old alike will be blown away when they witness first hand the fast-paced high-flying action of the Dialed Action Sports Stunt Show. To have a show booked near you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please check out our website at www.DialedActionSportsTeam.com
Brian Cunningham
PO 155
Boalsburg, PA. 16827
Phone:(814) 280-0299
Email: DialedActionSportsTeam@yahoo.com

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