Doc Allen Medicine Show and Magic Caravan - Bowling Green, OH

by Rick "Doc" Allen
(Bowling Green, OH (Wood))

And Magic Caravan

And Magic Caravan

“Hurry, Hurry, Hurry… Step Right Up Folk’s For Doc Allen’s Old Tyme Traveling Medicine Show.” Step back into the pages of history, as Doc Allen The traveling medicine man, ballies up the crowd with his promise of high-class prestidigitation, entertainment and edification for the entire family.

Rick “Doc” Allen recreates an authentic old tyme traveling medicine show that traversed the United States and Canada from the 1800’s to the mid 1950’s. This show is perfect for your event. It contains amazing feats of magic, plenty of tongue in cheek comedy and corn, audience involvement and education about the fast talking medicine men of days past.

The Magic Caravan are shorter strolling performances and include artistic balloon creations for children of all ages.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor events. Nearly forty years of professional experience, is reliable, easy to work work and flexible. Can also MC parades, contests and other events and shows.


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