Doggie Delights - Gourmet Dog Treats - Utica, MI

by Marie Abrakian
(Utica, MI)

Doggie Delights

Doggie Delights

All my treats are home made, with products straight out of the pantry that are safe for our four legged friends. You won't have to worry about toxins in your dogs treats or worry about recalls since there have been so many in dog foods in the last several years. My treats are also bi-product free (bi-products include euthenized animals). Treats are available in small, medium and large, in a variety of flavors (listed below), and are available plain, or decorated as shown in pictures. Colors and specific decorations are available upon request. Can personalize all treats. Quantity of treats will vary depending on size ordered. Please feel free to email with any questions or orders. I am willing to drive an hour for events.

"Dogs want Cake and Cookies too!"


- Cake Yummies - Sweet and Sours - Mama’s magic training treats

- Birthday Cake Delicious - Turkey Surprise - Poochie Pupcakes

- Thanksgiving Treats - Chewy Yum Yums

- Doggie Brownies - Banana Cream Pie - Doggie Delights

- Chicken Soup Biscuits - Grandma’s Apple Pie - Banana Split

- Beef Stew Biscuits - Peanut Butter Love - Peanut Butter Pops

- Meatlovers Delight - Poochkin Pie

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