ESSENCE de Pink by Jodi Lynn - Pink Zebra Sprinkles and Home Decor - Harrisonburg, Virginia

by Jodi Lynn, Independent Contractor
(Harrisonburg, VA, USA)

Preparations for the Launch Party of ESSENCE de Pink

Preparations for the Launch Party of ESSENCE de Pink

Do you like candles? What is your favorite scent? I would like to present to you a new way to fragrance your home. It's called Pink Zebra Sprinkles and they come in over 60 different scents that you can mix and match to create your own signature scent and candle.

Our product is made from soft soy, therefore it is not toxic if accidentally ingested. It burns warm and clean, and lasts longer than many of its counterparts.

I would like to share this product at your vendor events. We also offer Candle Bars where you can invite your friends to create their own candles either at weddings, birthday parties, or gatherings of your choice in size.

Contact me and let me send you a FREE SAMPLE...

Jodi Lynn Serino-Barbour

We travel throughout the Shenandoah Valley within a 30 minute radius of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

CONNECT with me on FACEBOOK @ Essence de Pink. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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