Evel Knievel Experance - Replica Motorcycle and Ramps, Video, Pictures - Morgan City, LA

by Tabb Stansbury
(Morgan City, LA)



Evel Knievel Experance Replica Evel Knievel motorcycle set up on a take off ramp just like his. Where people can sit on the Harley Davidson Evel Replica on top of the ramp over looking the top of cars to see just what Evel saw right before he would make his jump. This is the first time anyone will get to feel the thrill of being a motorcycle daredevil and take pictures. Also display pictures and show videos of Evel Knievels jumps and crashes. You can get a local car dealer to sponsor the show and put their cars out for show behind the ramps. Contact Tabb Stansbury, sxmx111@yahoo.com or call 985-397-0362. Will travel anywhere in the USA.

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