Glenn Miller -The Master of Comedy Hypnosis - Sunrise, FL

by Glenn Miller
(Sunrise, FL. USA)

Glenn Miller -The Master of Comedy Hypnosis

Glenn Miller -The Master of Comedy Hypnosis

From the moment Glenn Miller walks onto the stage the audience gets the feeling of mysticism. The audience quiets down and listens to each word he utters. Before you know it he has 20 volunteers from the audience on stage anxiously awaiting the opportunity to be hypnotized. His experience as a seasoned performer takes these individuals to places and actions that they would never do under ordinary circumstances. Their demonstration of antics that Glenn puts them through has the audience in hysterics. It's all fun. It's all in good taste. The audience members who participate are the "Stars of the Show."

The "Stars of the Show" will slowly drift into a hypnotic sleep. When they awaken they will never believe their friends when they are told that they danced like Irish River Dancers or they walked around like models from Victoria's Secret. When the most reserved man gets up and portrays Michael Jackson or a Japanese Sumo Wrestler he will think his friends are fibbing. Yes, all this fun and more are yours when you engage Glenn Miller, The Master of Comedy Hypnosis, for your next event.

For 5 years, Glenn Miller has been the Number 1 Comedy Hypnotist on Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. During that time he hypnotized more than 5000 subjects in front of almost 1 million audience members. Glenn has performed for Colleges, High Schools, Comedy Clubs and such corporate clients as Ford, Sears, Siemens Building Technology, Century 21, Coldwell Banker...the list goes on and on.

Glenn Miller
Comedy Hypnotist
954 424-2080
Glenn has and will travel all over the world.

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