Greg Allman - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

by Lori Watson
(Miami, Florida)

An Unforgetable Night!

An Unforgetable Night!

When I was in college back in the 80's a group of my girlfriends and I decided to go see the Allman Brothers band in concert. One of my friends claimed to be a personal friend of one of the band memebers named Dave. When we got to the concert she spoke with him and he told her they were staying aty the Holiday Inn ( Laughing Fish) so after the concert we there and decided to go into the lounge. there were only a few people there as it was late. Dave never showed up. They had a small band there. Low and behold Greg Allman gets up and starts jamming and singing with the band! Unbelieveable. A private show! I started talking to some other people , they were about 10 years older. I found out that they were originally from my home town. We all started talking with Greg , his road manager and Dickie Betts dad who was traveling with the band. Somehow we all decided to go to these people's (whom I had just met) house who invited us, Greg, his manager and Dickie's Dad. Dickie's dad and Greg decided to ride with us in my friend's Red camero. It was unbelievable, of course Greg put on the Allman brothers cassette we had in the car. When we got to the house we decided to go swimming. Greg and Dickie's dad through me in the pool. We took some group photos which his manager allowed. That night Dickie's Dad invited us to attend the concert the next night. When we got there we met him at the back door and were led into Front Row seats!!!!! A weekend I will never forget!!! I still have the photos! The photo shown was taken after we went swimming so I am in a swim suit.

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