Heavenly Essence Skin Care - Goat Milk Soap - Bartlett, TN

by Nancy Lee
(Bartlett, TN, USA)

Heavenly Essence Skin Care

Heavenly Essence Skin Care

Heavenly Essence Skin Care carries a wonderful product line. It is located in Bartlett, Tennessee, phone 901 373-1335. To be a vendor I am willing to travel 5 hours away from Bartlett. A stay at home mom and mother of 5 beautiful children, I have always been concerned about the products on the market, and the chemicals that my children are exposed to on a daily basis. Heavenly Essence skin care started with an idea, a need for a natural and better way to care for your skin. With the help of my husband who happens to be a biochemist, I made my first batch of handmade soap. I was hooked and now I want to share what I make with you!

Our soaps contain NO preservatives, NO harsh animal fats, and NO artificial dyes. Only the best for your skin.

Goat’s Milk Soap….We replace some of the water in our soap making process with fresh goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is known for it’s helpful properties on the skin. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids(the building blocks of protein). It is also rich in natural alpha hydroxy acid, which helps break the bonds of dead skin cells, helping them wash away.

All of our soaps are about 70% Extra-virgin olive oil. Olive oil penetrates deep into the skin carrying it’s own nutrients, as well as those from the
goat’s milk. It’s not about just cleaning the top layer of skin, it’s about restoring the skin from deep inside.

All of our soaps also contain coconut oil to help produce a rich gentle lather that we have come to expect from soap. Coconut oil derivatives are used in commercial soap for the same purpose. We prefer the coconut oil the way it is, All Natural, the way it is used in the tropics for beautiful skin.

Castor oil is used for its nutrient and moisturizing properties. It helps gently coat the skin while not clogging pores like mineral oil does. This allows your skin to breathe and absorb moisture.

Shea Butter is added as a finishing touch, to ensure the moisturizing effects are felt long after bathing.

All of our soaps wash off clean, leaving no chemical residue. They are available as a completely natural soap, or with a skin safe fragrance oil. All of the fragrance oils used have been completely scrutinized by a qualified scientist.

There are other products that are carried. An all natural arthritis cream, wonderful facials for every type of skin, shea butter lotions and special formulated bath salts to relive many issues of the skin and your busy day.

Nancy Lee, Owner. My site at the moment is nancylee77.etsy.com.

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