Homemade Ice Cream - Cartersville, GA

(Cartersville, GA)

1926 Hercules Engine with 5 Gallon Churn.

1926 Hercules Engine with 5 Gallon Churn.

Homemade Ice Cream ............. just like your grandma use to make! We make homemade ice cream right on site with a 1926 Hercules engine and a 5 gallon antique ice cream churn. We make all the standards, Country Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Fresh Peach, Fresh Banana & Fresh Strawberry. Everyone loves watching the old engine run and making the ice cream. This is more than just the ice cream (which is great), it's history.

We cover Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee & Florida.

John Powers
Johnnie's Homemade Ice Cream

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