Hot Dog Cart Business Question?

by Shawn

Thinking of taking the dive and fulfilling a lifetime wish of having a hot dog cart. Any words of advice. Can a person make a decent living doing this? Any advice appreciated. Thank you

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Let's be real
by: Urania from Florida

Based on the research we have done, you can make good money. We built our own cart and saved thousands and licensing wasn't that difficult. What's difficult is finding places to sell. There are tons of hot dog vendors out there and though we have 3 regular spots we sell at, it doesn't make enough money to pay the bills. We do 2 farmers markets and a microbrewery but they are hard to come by. Go through and apply for a Home Depot or Lowe's, that's where you will make the most money. Hope this helps and good luck. And definitely don't get discouraged because it could take some time to find a great place.

by: hot "G Dogs

If you have your heart set on being a food vendor then go for it! You can do very well, depending on where your location is. We have done it all.Night Clubs..that's where you make your money...festivals, private events. Keep at it, it will get easier and you will learn how to make it work for you. Consistanny is the number 1 advice I would have to be consistant. People will look for you on a daily basis. if your not there the next time they look for there lunch,they may not come back again! Have a good little gimmick like hot dog hats..worked for us! Huge hot dog sitting on your head,,who doesn't get a kick out of that! Kids love it too!Good luck and start opff small..don't go too big all at once.You will trhow away more than you sell.

You can do it!
by: M W

Yes you can do it, just be smart, keep it simple and try not to bury yourself to far in debt at once. We also are just starting our hotdog business, and though it gets frustrating don't get discouraged with licensing and getting started. Figure everything will probably cost double what you estimate.

GO FOR IT! We are..........

money in dogs
by: Playland park

Location Location Location

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