How Much Food To Prepare For an Event?

by Barb

As a new vendor, I need to know how much food to prepare for an event of, say 10,000 people. In other words, approximately what percentage of ten thousand people should I plan on preparing food for?

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Formula we use
by: jrohelier

I have a hot dog cart, and what works for us is getting last year's numbers from the event coordinator. Explaining that you have a formula that you must use so you have enough food. No one wants you to run out of food so I usually get pretty accurate numbers.

Patrons / other vendors x .25

10,000 / 4 = 2500 x.25 = 625

I should expect to sell 625 hot dogs the duration of the event. Now other conditions need to be taken advantage like, the weather, duplicate vendors, or anything you think may affect attendence. With hot dogs if there is too much you can always refreeze.

Other people you ask, they say bring as much food as you possible can.

How much product to make
by: 52many

I am going to do a street festival that lasts 3 days. It averages over l00,000 people. I will be selling cupcakes. How do I figure out how many cupcakes to make for sale. I thought 5-10 percent

How much food
by: Dreamy Delectables

I usually do 10% but I have left overs a lot. But if I under calculate it. I have sold out before. So it just depends on the way the wind is blowing

how much food to make

Rule of thumb is 100 meals per 1000 people

how much food & drink
by: Anonymous

how much food & soft drinks would you need to stock if you were the only vendor for 500 to 1000 people event. Would you get more than 30%

true vending figures
by: OL' Timer

It depends on how many food venders there are, how many selling the same as you. Is the 10,00 a guess or is there a proven track record for this event and the promoter is not blowing smoke to get large vender fee's. I personally don't do such larg events anymore as to many newbies are cut throating at these size events. To answer your question, figure no more than 3-5% will buy at the best percentage.

10 percent
by: Anonymous

I usally plan for ten percent.It depends on how diffrent your food is and how new it is.I.E I've heard of it all winter now I want to try it or is it another corndog.devoid

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