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by Jason
(Chandler, AZ)

J's Hot Dog Cart

J's Hot Dog Cart

J.K. Walker LLC is a full service mobile food vendor based in Chandler, AZ. We'll serve almost anything anywhere. J's, understands the importance of unique and quality foods at large festivals and fairs. Our diverse menu options and fast, friendly staff can provide good food fast for any occasion. Let's face it. Food concessions can make or break any event. Patrons always remember the food. At J's We Have Great Food!

J's menu and presentation are adaptable to fit almost any situation in any location. J's is available for booking anywhere in the continental United States. The items listed below are only some of the items on the J's menu. All of our menu items may be altered to compliment your event.

* Italian Beef Sandwiches
* Philly Steak Sandwiches
* Gyros
* Navajo Tacos
* Frito Pie
* Indian Fry Bread
* Kielbasa
* Hot Dogs
* Nachos
* Soft Pretzels
* Polish Sausage
* Tamales
* Pasta and Rice Bowls
* Salads
* Wraps

And more much, much more!!!
Eat at J's for Great food fast.

For booking information contact via email at email@jsredhots.com.

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