JKH Crafts - Creative Wooden Objects - Columbus, OH

by Kyle
(Columbus, Ohio)

I am a resident of Columbus, Ohio who in high school shop class found a hobby that allowed me to exercise my creativity. In my spare time I create wooden objects that I enjoy and that I hope others would enjoy as well. Over the past eight years, I have learned the precision and patience it takes to build each piece with the quality that even a perfectionist admires. I use only quality materials and whole-heartedly stand behind my work.

Website: www.jkhcrafts.tripod.com/

I am looking for events that are near Columbus. I do not have a lot of items on hand presently because I generally just fill orders. However, if afforded the opportunity I could begin increasing my stock for a show.

If you view the site above you will be able to view my work. Thank you for your time.

Any questions or for additional information email at JKHCRAFTS@Hotmail.com.

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