Johnny Stash - Comedian - Nashville, TN

by Johnnie Mack Jones
(Nashville, TN, USA)

Johnny Mack aka Johnny Stash

Johnny Mack aka Johnny Stash

Stand Up Comedy - Show begins with humorous true stories of being raised up in a dysfunctional family living in the swamps of Louisiana. The 10th child of a poor fisherman (My mother had to work as a maid for a homeless family.).

Second part of show is funny songs (Yankee Snapper, Damn Proud To Be A Jones So I Can't Marry One, Pay Me Moma, Bessie The Cow, He Looked Like A Girl To Me).

Third part of show is "Hillbilly Pondering" - Deep question from a shallow mind -(If a turtle didn't have a shell would it be naked or homeless?).

Fourth part is the finale with Johnny Stash asking audience members their occupation, then making up a short song about it.

I will travel anywhere it makes economic sense, but mostly Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Entertainer Contact Information For Event Bookings:

Bayo Comedy/Music
44 Music Sqare East #208
Nashville,TN 37203

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