Julius G. Kovacs - Stage Hypnotist - Miami, Florida

by Julius Kovacs
(Miami, FL, USA)

Julius G. Kovacs

Julius G. Kovacs

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows are not only incredibly unique, and hilarious but truly boggles the mind. Julius Kovacs, who has performed in Eastern Europe, Canada, and New England in the last 13 years, transformed thousands of audience volunteers into famous and funny personalities with fantastic music and sound effects! The participants are truly the stars of the show where their transformation will be remembered for years to come.

Hypnotist Kovacs also offers an incredible sidekick, the Magnetman, (optional) where he lets the audience volunteers experience the power of the body’s magnetic energy (also called chi) and the power of hypnosis. This is done through placing of silver platters, spoons, irons, and forks upon male volunteer’s bare back, shoulders and chest without glue or gimmick! All of those items stay on as seen on Youtube and on the website video! You have to see it to believe it. If the host has any ideas, or any special requests, he will accommodate them in any way possible.

Do not hesitate to ask him any questions and good luck with your event!

Julius G. Kovacs Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Phone: 617-653-0741

Travels everywhere in the US, and the world.

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