Just Naturally Cute Things (JNCT) - Hand-Crafted Jewelry - Bowie, MD

by Romana Kerns
(Bowie, MD, USA)

Just Naturally Cute Things (JNCT)

Just Naturally Cute Things (JNCT)

The JNCT is a collection of one-of-kind pieces of hand-crafted jewelry and wearable body art prominently featuring nature's elements. Combinations of shell, horn, wood, bone, coral, gemstones, crystals, natural stones accented with metals of varying colors set the tone for this beautiful eclectic collection.

My name is Romana Kerns and I am the sole owner and designer of the JNCT Collection. I look forward to participating in events up to 130 miles from my place of residence. Please feel free to contact me via cell phone at (240) 498-4524.

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