Kaitlyn Knippers - Singer, Songwriter - Houston, TX

(Houston, TX)

Kaitlyn Knippers

Kaitlyn Knippers

“How does such a big voice come out of such a little body”, is what Kaitlyn frequently heard after a performance. Recently turning 13 in July, Kaitlyn from Cypress, Texas started singing at the wee age of 3. Her grandmother noticed her growing interest singing and gave her vocal lessons for her 7th birthday. Negotiating with her parents that she would provide the driving to and from lessons, and not realizing 6 years later she would still be doing the same thing. Being the second child of 4 and the only girl, her parents agreed to the lessons. One month after her lessons started, she sang at family wedding and the videographer was blown away and called the local paper (Houston Chronicle) to come out and hear her perform. Soon after Kaitlyn was being booked at many local churches, festivals and competing at local talent shows. Originally starting out as a country singer, Kaitlyn has been able to experience and sing a variety of music such as jazz, gospel, R&B, rock and pop. Kaitlyn has now settled into the pop/rock scene.

Kaitlyn launched her first video on YouTube in 2006 and within the first month Vh1 contacted her, including many local and national TV programs such as Maury’s Most Talented Kids, Universal City Walk Showcase and many more. One of Kaitlyn’s original songs “I’ll Love You”, was chosen to be on Oprah’s website for America’s Most Talented Kids. She has been named Texas Best Singer, opened for John Connelly and flew to Nashville to do her first demo. She won Colgate Country Showdown winner 3 years in a row and many other talent competitions throughout the past eight years. Kaitlyn is currently a radio personality for local radio station for a kids segment for Inspire the Desire.

Kaitlyn not only is singer, songwriter, and novice guitar and piano player, she also is an honor student attending public school, was President of her Student Council in her elementary school, class rep in her middle school and has been a Girl Scout for the past 8 years and is currently working on her Silver Award. Kaitlyn is also an active member of her Middle School theater group, choir group and cross country team. In her spare time, Kaitlyn enjoys texting, reading Clique Girls books and hanging with her BFF’s.

Kaitlyn has performed throughout Texas, Los Angles, New York and Nashville. You can see and hear more about Kaitlyn on her website www.KaitlynK.com where you can get further links and see live video of Kaitlyn in concert.

Contact: 281-451-4523 or kmkentertainment@gmail.com

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