Karma - Houston, Texas

by Publicist Jennifer N. Simpson
(Houston, TX, USA)

A decade of music from a lifetime of creativity is just a piece of the pie from Karma. Seasoned with life, love and spirituality, Karma brings writing and performing to another level of feel good music. The vibe given by this talented artist has sparked a major buzz in the music industry.

Influenced by her mother to continue to pray and keep moving forward has been the key that has opened doors for Karma in the music world. With roots in Liberty, Texas and Louisiana, she bellows a southern sound that is undeniably music to your ears. Her Creole heritage links Karma to a range of music from R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Zydeco, Jazz, Dance, and more! Her versatility ranges from singing to rapping, creating melodies, and memories! Karma has just moved to Texas, leaving a major mark on North Carolina.

Karma has performed with different talents from jazz sensation Reggie Codrington, and R&B musician Brian K. Morgan. Her performances are explosive and her lyrical talent is ear memorizing! One of the Judges from 106&Park Blaze the Stage, Charlotte, NC, commented, “If you take away everything else going on around you and just listen to the words…” Karma has had the opportunity to perform at major venues and continues her mission to one day open for one of her musical influences, Mary J. Blige.

Karma brings versatility to the table, but she is a writer first. She has written television shows with Stu Gardner (Bill Cosby’s musical director) and writing sessions with Big Bub from the R&B group “Today.” Mr. Bruce Purse, renowned musical director of orchestra says, “This is the first time I’ve liked every word to every song by one artist.” The list goes on to include books, a catalog of songs and undeniable creativity!

Karma will travel wherever the fans demand her presence. Additional traveling costs will be required. For booking information contact Karma at 281-736-4991, or visit website at www.itzkarma.com.

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