Kate Mulgrew - Met Her and Tim at a Restaurant - Cleveland, Ohio

by Penny

Author (Penny)

Author (Penny)

My name is Penny. The famous person I met is Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek Voyager. I work in a restaurant in one of the suburbs of Cleveland and the day she walked in was a Saturday. When her table was sat I looked at her and remembered she looked familiar. There was quite a buzz in the air but my boss walked up to me and quietly told me Kate did not want any attention drawn to her. So I went up to her and Tim and took their order. It was quite simple, just eggs, home fries and toast. I served them their food, hoping for a bit of conversation, but she was quiet. She came across as an elegant, nice lady. The fellow with her was a bit taller than her. Then she left, as quietly as she came.

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