Kings of Leon - Lebanon, TN

by Ashley Williams
(Lebanon, TN, USA)

I was with my boyfriend at Hollywood video and i seen Caleb and Nathan Followell with a friend of theirs, renting movies!!! The Kings have been my favorite band since their first album Aha Shake (which is three albums before they were internationally popular). i asked my boyfriend if he thought they were them, and he said "i dont think anyone else dresses like that in lebanon" lol. so i was freaking out and didnt know what to do, so my boyfriend says, "if you dont go over there and talk to them i will tell them youre my obsessive sister and you have a kol shrine" (which i dont, lol) so i did it, i walked over to them and intoduced myself and almost had a heart attack...they were so nice and normal as can be and im SO happy i had the chance to meet them. But i was too excited to ask for there autograph so :( i just have the memory with my boyfriend.

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