Kyra Sedgewick - New York, New York

by Teresa Grazia-Dei
(New York, New York)

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in November 2008, and I was out on a walk with my puppy in Central Park. We hadn't been out long, and as I headed toward the bridle path two familiar faces approached. Clearly the woman was interested in my puppy, who was indeed, very cute. I realized that it was Kyra Sedgewick, the actress from a popular TV series. She was very friendly, and very interested in my puppy. She had no reserve or concern that I'd recognize her. Her companion was also interested in my dog Harry, but he was much more guarded, and seemed concerned that I'd recognize him. I did, but I was getting such a kick out of how much Ms. Sedgewick liked my little guy. She was truly genuine. It was very refreshing, and I bade them a good afternoon as they continued on a lovely walk in the park.

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