Landis Frier - Singer, Song Writer - Albany, Georgia

by Landis Frier
(Albany, GA)

Landis Frier

Landis Frier

I was born and raised in Albany Georgia. Myself and my family have always had a deep love for music, many members of my family play multiple instruments so I guess you can say It's in my blood! My grandfather gave me a small guitar when I was 7 years old, I tried to learn it but it would be years later till I would find my talent with this instrument. At 9 years old I played the drums in church and that’s where my love of music began.

In 2007, my mom gave me a guitar as a gift. I took that guitar and had my grandfather show me the basic chords, ya know "C,D and E" just to get me started. I spent many nights listening to music, teaching myself to play. I found inspiration in all genres!. There really aren’t too many genres that I can’t put my own spin on. I think any artist has to be able to find appreciation for all music to truly love this industry.

In 2008 I made a trip to Nashville TN., it was just a weekend but it was all I needed to know, this was the life I wanted! I walked music row, went in a small bar, took a seat, and asked the band to play a song. They didn’t know it, so a man that was standing near me asked if I wanted to get up and play, I answered with a resounding yes! I got up on stage, played, sang, the band played with me and the crowd cheered me on! WOW! That’s all it took, I headed south back to Georgia with a stronger desire than ever to follow my dream, to make my love of music, my life.

Since my first chord in 2007, I’ve played in many pubs, bars, clubs, and private events; I’ve sat in with great local bands that already have a following and in 2010 was afforded the opportunity to be one of the opening acts in a Ticket Master Event and now I'm certain I've found my own style of music...unique to it's own and to who I am.

I began writing my own songs about a year and a half ago, putting into words and to music the things I've seen, done or dreamed about...and have now started recording. Writing songs came to me like guitar playing was trial and error...a lot of wadded up papers and broken pencils...but I think I finally found how to convey what it is that I'm feeling when I'm writing a song.

I know this journey will be a ride but I’m ready and I’m certain that this same journey will lead me to a life filled with music.

Thanks to everyone that has shown support, believed in me and given me the motivation to pursue what I believe is rightfully mine….music!!

Landis Frier

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