Les Avenge - Breakdancing, Acrobatics Show -Tucson, AZ

by Enrique Bribiesca
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

Les Avenge - Breakdancing, Acrobatics Show

Les Avenge - Breakdancing, Acrobatics Show

We are a local group from Tucson with a bboy (breakdancing)/acrobatic show. We have performed all over Arizona working with schools and youth groups such as the YES program in order to send a positive message to the community. We have recently worked with the organizers of the 2010 4th Avenue Street Fair performing on stage and alongside with the vendors to provide quality live entertainment. We are completely equipped to do our performance.

Please contact us at:
(714) 728 7008-Enrique Bribiesca
(520) 668-7451-Sekyu Kim

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