Little Jimmy's Italian Ice Business - $2,250 - Rochester, New York

(Near Rochester, NY, USA)

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

Near Rochester, New York - Start your own Little Jimmy's Italian Ice business this spring. Everything you need except the Ice. Great company reputation! Outstanding product. Nearly 80 years in the Italian Ice business. Made in New Jersey.

Used Italian Ice pushcart hold 4 - 3 or 5 gallon cans, 110 3 scoop serving in 5 gallon can. We sell for $3.00 each. Cost per gallon about $32.00. Profit $ 310 per.
440 servings in cart $1240 profit. Have done that in a day and more.

Comes with umbrella, 8 foot banner, A-frame signs, menu/flavor boards, new signs for exterior of cart, cups, spoons, napkins. Visors, a 10x10 EZ up tent with sides for security at overnight events and the weather. Kenmore 5 foot freezer for storage. Folding table for checkout. Water and Tea signs.

Cart does have small amount of rust at the bottom, have cleaned entire pushcart as best as possible. Ready to go.

Call Helen 585-233-1337 or email

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