Little Turtle Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry, Collectible Crystals - Kansas City, Kansas

by Kelsey Friedrichsen
(Kansas City, KS, USA)

The Turtle Girl in her booth!

The Turtle Girl in her booth!

Available for fairs, festivals, fundraisers and more! My business is custom jewelry fabrication and gemstone collecting. All my pieces of jewelry are handmade and one-of-a-kind featuring real gemstones and crystals. I use cold-connections and wire braiding techniques to construct my little works of art. The wire is mostly a high-quality silver, but I also use copper for more affordable designs, and occasionally 14k gold fill for high-end pieces of jewelry. The price range of my jewelry is between $40-$200, (I also usually have 15-20 beaded necklaces that are not wire pieces that range between $15-$30) with only a few large pendants outside this range. I typically carry between 40-60 pieces of jewelry in stock.

To supplement the jewelry, my business also vends collectible crystal specimens, both raw and polished. These trinkets are popular across all ages and pocketbook widths. With prices from $0.50-$30, anyone can find a keepsake in their price range. Some of my collectibles include quartz, tourmaline, amethyst geodes, citrine, agates, crystal marbles and spheres, gemstone pins, and much more.

I have three years of traveling vending experience under my belt and I can provide proof of vendor's insurance if needed. I own four folding tables and two large market umbrellas that I use depending on the venue and whether the location is indoors or outdoors.

It is my delight to provide an event booth that is not only very visually pleasing, but also very educational as most patrons leave my area with a new geology fact.

I currently live in Kansas City, KS, and I am willing to travel roughly 150 miles in any direction for larger events. If the event is over 75 miles away with a anticipated crowd of 500 people or less, please do not contact me.

I can be reached at (913)439.9103 and my business website can be found here:

Please check out my page on Facebook for more information:

Thank you for your consideration,
~ Kelsey Friedrichsen
Owner, Little Turtle Jewelry

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