LittleHouse - Band Playing Original Heartland, Americana Rock - Hartford, Connecticut

by Bobby Kuhl, KJR Engineering
(Middletown, Connecticut)

LittleHouse 5 piece

LittleHouse 5 piece

LittleHouse 5 piece
LittleHouse 5 piece Live
LittleHouse Stage Plot 6 piece

LittleHouse is a band like none other. Led by singer-songwriter Joe Patrina, LittleHouse brings a full spectrum of American music to the table. Many call it "Heartland" music. LittleHouse throws down moving performances and delivers songs that really stay with you.

The band was formed in 2008. The smoking rhythm section comprises bassist Gary Gott, keyboardist Mark Zampino and drummer Eddy Lonardo, and includes exciting young lead guitarist Chris Barry and the vocals of the talented Jessica Jarvis.

The band has been a local favorite in New England for years and has just released two much anticipated CD's.

In case you haven't guessed, we are on a mission. We just love our American cultural roots and values, and want to celebrate these with you!

Our travel radius currently includes the continental United States.

Contact: Bobby Kuhl at 860-716-5195,
Website: the website has links to facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and others with audio and video available for review.

Joe Patrina - lead vocals, guitar, songwriter
Mark Zampino ? keyboards, guitar, vocals
Gary Gott ? bass, vocals
Eddy Lonardo ? drums, vocals
Chris Barry ? guitar, vocals
Jessica Jarvis - vocals

Technical Crew:
Laura Patrina - Countessa of information
Joe Montineri - Producer
Bobby Kuhl - FOH Engineer, Operations & Road Manager
Jim Patrina - Multi-Media Director
Ian MacGregor - Lighting Director
Tim Stawarz - Backline Tech
Jeffery Weed - Recording Engineer
Tony Colapietro - Videographer, Photographer, Graphics
Frank Grande - Website Wizard, Graphics

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