Looking at Buying a Mini Melts Business. Anyone Own One Currently?

by Mike
(Portland, Oregon)

Hi Mike. As you are probably aware, Mini Melts is a product very similar to Dippin Dots®. The novelty aspect of this product has worn off some through the years, but sales at events generally remain strong and there are plenty of markets to still capture with events. Product quality is excellent which helps to capture repeat visitors through the years. Also, there are no franchise fees to pay yearly. For additional information, visit the Mini Melts Website.

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Two Stands Make More Money
by: Ice Cream Man

Hello. I have two Mini Melt stands and do fairly well at the events I work. Sometimes I am not able to get two into an event, but most of them I operate two stands at. I used to run one and the difference between having one and two (especially at large events) is huge. Also, consider selling some easy-to-make items at your booth too.

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