Lou Ferrigno - Columbus, OH

by Nissa Rozensky
(columbus, oh USA)

I am a waitress at the CMH airport in Columbus, OH and a man happens to just sit down in my section so i wait on him. Well of course it being the airport he says: "he's in a rush" (If only I had a $1.00 for everyone that said that to me, lol) of course i didnt tell that to him.. but the way he said it sounded kinda rude. so i just said okay.. will try our best to get your food out to you.. so later he gets his food in a good timely manner then when hes eating i decided to bring him his check and just told him since he was in a rush i thought i would just go ahead and hand him his check. so later he cashes out and a customer asks me who he was and i said i dont know since he didnt pay with a credit card.. just cash.. so then he tells me who he looks like so me being me; i wouldnt know who was what if i saw them lol.. i went home and looked him up on internet and YES it was him!! he seemed kinda Rude and not the best tipper.. not poor though.. he wasnt as huge as everyone says he used to be..

i was surprised to see him traveling by himself and in columbus, oh !!

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