LTG Concessions, LLC - Little Jimmy's Italian Ice - Cincinnati, OH

by Larry Green
(Cincinnati, OH, USA)

"This is GREAT!"

I have a tent and cart set up that will meet Ohio health codes. My Italian Ice stand will be a great addition to your event. Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is a water based, fat free, cholesterol free, dairy free and high fructose corn syrup free gourmet dessert of many different flavors. Little Jimmy's Italian Ice is a true Italian water ice which has the creaminess of sorbet, ice cream or gelato but never contains any dairy or non-dairy creamer. Our Italian ice is produced the old fashioned way by Jersey Ice in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

This is NOT shaved ice or snow cones which have the problem of separation (the flavored syrup at the bottom of the cone) and crystalization (the flavorless ice left at the top).

Contact me if you have any questions or you need additional information.

Larry Green

I am willing to travel up to 200 miles to your event.

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