Mark Wahlberg - Florida

by Carolyn
(Cape Canaveral, FL, USA)

I met Mark Wahlberg when I was 15 years old in 1989. He was not yet famous, had not yet been known as "Marky Mark". We met outside the backstage doors of a New Kids on the Block concert, where he was there supporting his big brother Donnie. My sister, a good friend of ours, and myself were hanging out and doing the dance to "The Right Stuff" which we knew every step to a "T". Mark walked up to us, introduced himself as Marky and said "I'm a Rappa!" We laughed, he was just this skinny little teenage kid after all...=). We continued to hang out and we met at a couple other New Kids concerts. It was a lot of fun!! I moved away a year later and will always remember the time I was riding the bus to school and heard Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch sing "Feel the Vibration"...I sat there laughing hysterically in my seat...OMG he wasn't kidding...He is a "RAPPA"...Love U Mark!! You've come a loooong way.

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