Megarry Food Service, LLC - Japanese Food, Japanese Soft Drinks - Springfield, Massachusetts

by Ed Megarry
(Chicopee, MA, USA)

Megarry Food Service, LLC

Megarry Food Service, LLC

Megarry Food Service's Nom-Nom Hut, Yummy Japanese food on the go. Fried Dumplings, Beef, a savory mixture of ground beef and spices, Apple Pie and Blueberry Pie - apple or blueberry pie filling in a deep fried dumpling with powdered sugar and caramel. Steamed Dumplings - Pork and Chicken Gyoza, and Shrimp Shumai. Yakisoba - Japanese style fried noodles with vegetables. Green Tea Ice Cream and Japanese soft drinks. Contact information for booking:

Megarry Food Service
Chicopee, MA

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