Michael Jordan - Chapel Hill - North Carolina

(Durham, NC, USA)

Back in 1987 while attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one afternoon as I was headed back to my dorm room, I was riding the elevator up with my friends when I first saw Michael Jordan, up close and sort of personal. My friends and I were already on the elevator when he got on. They just started to freak out. He turned around and seemed impressed that they were in awe and excited to be sharing an elevator with "him". He looked at me and looked concerned that I had not joined in with the awe and admiration that my friends shared.

He turned around and looked me in the eyes and asked me if I knew who he was? I looked back at him and as if he know who I was? My friends all gasped. They asked me, "Don't you know who THAT is?" My response, although I was quite certain of his identity, was, "Some extremely tall man".

At first Michael look shocked at my response and then he smiled and shook his head. He told me, "I am Michael Jordan, baby?. I said, ?So, I am, (my name)?. My friends seemed totally embarrassed. Soon, he arrived to his floor and left. Once we continued our elevator ride, they told me that he was... the basketball star, Michael Jordan. I told them that I just wasn't star struck and couldn't help it.

A few weeks later, a friend and I were walking back from class and saw Michael in the parking lot near the Bell Tower at UNC. Just as my friends had previously carried on while we were in the elevator, my friend, although without the assistance of our other friends,
screamed and carried on as though he were some kind of god or something.

I tried to be supportive since she was so happy to meet him. While she nearly fainted in his presence, I was looking at how he seemed to beam over her response. She asked for his autograph and he told her that he could not sign it on his car because it might damage the paint on his car, a Carolina Blue Mercedes, I think it was. He then told her to turn around and he would use her back to sign it. I looked at him and gasped. He looked back at me and smiled the most devilish grin, EVER.

She actually turned around and allowed him to write on her back and at the time I was truly livid. I could understand him not wanting to scratch his paint job, but it was just the way he said it and how he looked, which left me totally unimpressed. I mean, it wasn?t as if we didn?t have our backpacks with us. He could have used a book, his hand, his knee, anything. He asked me if I wanted his autograph and I asked him if he was going to sign it on my back? He said, "Yeah", and kind of grinned, and in turn, I smiled politely and told him no. I guess he was just trying to have fun and liked all of the attention he getting but his actions just really came off as conceit and I just was not impressed, at all. Now, in retrospect, I wish that feisty, independent young lady has his autograph...just kidding.

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