Mini Petting Zoo - Animals for Events and Occasions - Edinburg, Virginia

by Heavenly Heart Farm
(Edinburg, VA, USA)

One of our displays at a Festival.

One of our displays at a Festival.

Hi, We here at "Heavenly Heart Farm" love our animals and would like to share that with you. We have Hair Sheep, Hair Sheep Lambs, Silky Fainting Goats (ones with long silky hair), Chickens and Bunnies. Would you like anything like this there for the public to see or at special events? Our animals have been in Nativity Scenes, Christmas, Easter, Church events and plays, parades and Festivals, etc. We have some of them out for the public to pet and kids and adults alike love them! We have a secure welded wire enclosure (like 10 ft. dog kennel fencing you get from Lowes) to keep the hair sheep and silky goats contained in and we have special small cages for the rabbits and chickens to be viewed in. The small lambs and baby goats, bunnies, chickens are out on a leash or we hold them for the public to pet. We provide the animals, their pens, cages, their water, their feed, their clean up and the animals provide their love, beauty and presence for all to see. At least one of us stays with the animals at all times. Is this something you would like to have at your event? Please email for more information and to make reservations, deposit and to request and reserve your date. $40.00 a 1/2 hour or $75.00 an hour, a fee for out of our area of Woodstock, Edinburg and Mt. Jackson Virginia will apply to help with travel, fuel and set up of Pens and Animals to the site where event is. Thank You! :o)

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