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MUSICIANS 4 MUSICIANS. Kathleen Johnson of the musicians project "Druscilla Abernathy & The BKS Vine" brings together some of the most sought after and talented musicians, bands and projects

to perform and celebrate for a good cause! She puts on the playing field great musical projects for fundraisers, corporate and special events, club dates, musicals, festivals or any event that has the desire for LIVE entertainment with limited budget restraints! Musicians 4 musicians attempts to cut down the fees that just don't make since anymore and make event planners, buyers, entertainment committees shy away from hiring LIVE MUSICIANS! We like to get right down and to the point when hosting special events and are goal is to help save a venue, keep musicians working while playing, help people make a more special occasion or event, fundraise and give back to the community and keep LIVE music ALIVE! Contact and website information:

Kathleen Johnson
Phone: (952)220-4491

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