Mz. Aleigha - "Positive" Pop/Hip-Hop Artist - Atlanta-Macon, Georiga

by Dexter Gotell
(Barnesville, GA, USA)

Mz. Aleigha.

Mz. Aleigha.

Mz. Aleigha is 15 years old and she does "Positive" Pop/Hip-Hop for kids, pre-teens and teens alike.. A very energetic/entertaining show by a kid for kids... Mz.Aleigha is cool enough for kids and her positive messages make her a even bigger hit with the parents.. "Red Bull" for kids is how her show is described and just an overall family treat.

Performance Credits:
Macon Cherry Blossom Festival
Macon State Fair
Barnesville Buggy Days Festival
Griffin FairLoven Day Festival
Tifton Festival Day
Ga State Fair and countless others

Her websites are as listed:

It doesn't matter the distance, if you want a great kid/family oriented show by a awesome performer..She's your girl.

Contact Info:
Dexter Gotell

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