N2N Band - R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz - Woodbridge, VA

by Cedric Wilson
(Woodbridge, VA)

N2N is a Rhythm and Blues (R&B)/Funk Band that resides in Northern Virginia. N2N originated in 2002 with five talented musicians who had 25 years of experience playing and singing R&B and Gospel music. Two additional members were added in early 2003 to form the seven member band that performs under the name of N2N today. The Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, Maze, Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and other R&B legends and modern artists influence N2N.

N2N consists of two keyboardists, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and dynamic male and female vocalists ranging from different parts of the country. N2N’s most celebrated performance to date occurred during a Martin Luther King Foundation fundraiser when the band opened for Grammy Award winning artist BeBe Winans at Hyattsville Maryland. The performance received rave reviews for its presentation and style.

N2N has the ability to downsize to 4 members for smaller venues while maintaining it's dynamic sound. N2N will travel up to 300 miles when the situation requires.

Cedric Wilson - Band Leader (540-429-5755)
Keith Mason - Music Director

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