October 26-27, 2013 - Second Annual Haunted Pirate Fest - Boynton Beach, Florida

(Boynton Beach, FL, USA)

9/19/2013 (Boynton Beach, Florida) - Grab a Matey for the Second Annual Haunted Pirate Fest in Downtown Boynton Beach On Saturday, October 26th, and Sunday, October 27th. Downtown Boynton Beach will be painted red and black and completely transformed into a lively pirate village packed with fun-filled activities and entertainment for people of all ages.

The Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) proudly announces the arrival of the 2nd Annual Haunted Pirate Fest on Saturday, October 26th, and Sunday, October 27th in Downtown Boynton Beach. The free two-day fest will be located along E. Ocean Avenue between Seacrest Blvd. and NE 1st Street, and held from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day.

During the fest 129 E. Ocean Avenue will be transformed to Hobb’s Cove, a bustling old world port brimming with supernatural superstitions of the pirate era where pirates roam free to pillage and plunder. This lively pirate village will feature 3 stages of continuous live music, children’s activities, pirate reenactments and pirate stunt shows. The Haunted Pirate Fest drew thousands of people of all ages to Downtown Boynton Beach last year to enjoy a variety of swashbuckling adventures.

On Saturday, October 26th, the swashbuckling fun doesn’t stop at 5:00 PM. The festivities continue with fest’s first ever community led Mermaid Splash Parade, an enchanting walk that will allow participants to encounter magical mermaids. The parade begins at 5:00 PM on 129 E. Ocean Avenue, next to
the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, travels to the Marina and then back to Ocean Avenue.

Event stages will be setup at 640 Ocean Ave. (Ocean Plaza), 400 Ocean Ave., and the Boynton Harbor Marina. Local restaurants will be setup under tents along Ocean Avenue for participants to enjoy food ranging from a quick bite to a full meal. The CRA invites everyone to join in on the community fun.

Additional activity highlights include:

• The interactive pirate ship Avenger
• Magicians, Fairies and the Wheel Walker
• Pirate reenactments and Captain Jack Sparrow with his crew of over 70 buccaneers.
• A Spooktacular Haunted House presented by the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum
• The Black Sparrow Pirates ship located at the Boynton Harbor Marina
• Kids’ costume parade and pirate ceremony at noon

Please visit www.catchboynton.com for a list of the scheduled events for the pirate-themed weekend.

More about Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA):

The Boynton Beach CRA is committed to serving the community by guiding redevelopment activities and stimulating economic growth within its 1,650 acre district. The CRA focuses on creating a vibrant downtown core, providing affordable housing, and revitalizing neighborhoods.

For more information on the CRA, its programs, projects and free special events, call (561) 737-3256, or visit www.catchboynton.com.

Vendor Information:

Tracy Smith-Coffey, Boynton Beacy Community Redevelopment Agency, (561) 737-3256 x219.

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