OMG Leige Waffles - Authentic Belgium Liege Waffles - St. Paul, Minnesota (Oh....My Gosh)G

by Shelly Reiner
(Saint Paul, MN, USA)

Outside Waffle Booth.

Outside Waffle Booth.

Our product is the dessert Liege Waffle. Not to be confused with a breakfast waffle. It is a hand held street waffle commonly seen in Belgium. It has a crystallized exterior with a delicious sweetened brioche interior. Pearl sugar from Belgium is the secret ingredient. The waffle may be served plain or with berries, chocolate, caramel or cheese. You may be creative with your combinations. One waffle is enough. They are generous in portion. The waffle with toppings is served in a paper bowl. The waffles are a yeast based dough that are cooked in a Belgium cast waffle iron (50 pounds). The flavor is addicting and the concept of the product is unique. Contact information for booking:, 651 245-1033.

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