Orlando - Magician - Newark, New Jersey

(Newark, NJ, USA)

Hilarious magician--producing his rabbit.

Hilarious magician--producing his rabbit.

Description of Services provided by Orlando The Magician in New Jersey: Orlando the Magician is a fun family entertainer. He has been delighting audiences for over 18 years. He performs classics of magic like the linking rings, cut and restored rope, and the ever famous rabbit out of the hat trick with a unique brand of comedy magic that is interactive, enchanting and perplexing. A unique magic show that can play great on a stage or in your living room. Orlando's show is complete with fun, magic, laughs, and live animals. Grandma is gonna love this show as much as junior. Have you ever seen a magician produce a rabbit from a hat? Or a balloon turn into a bird right before your eyes. That's just few examples of what you might see.

Silly Willies shows are filled with exciting original routines written by Orlando like: Jumping Johnny - The adventure of a little red silk, a roll of lifesavers and a wonderful audience member. The Wedding Rings - Eight Solid Metal Rings, two reluctant volunteers get married, while helping Orlando link all eight rings. The Lion King - The story of a fairy tale wedding and the guest without a gift. A Gift from Mother Nature - The magician magically restores a piece of torn wrapping paper. Only to realize he has nothing to wrap. He crumples it up. It starts to move and from the crumpled wrapping paper appears a gift from Mother Nature. (I won't spoil the surprise.)

Orlando is also perfect for that special evenings with adult guests. In a Victorian style we gather the guest to the parlor for a few, shall we say experiments. In his adult act Orlando becomes the Amazing Cuevas Fun, light hearted comedy. When we say adult we never mean dirty. You will wonder how Cuevas can read your mind. Watch with curiosity and wonder as he reads the body language of five volunteers. His skills
with audiences will keep you laughing all night.

You will be charmed by his delightful manor and magic. This show is designed with adult interest and intellect. Off stage, Orlando has been performing magic since the age of 15 years. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and a teacher of magic. Orlando is also a well respected sculptor and educator.

Contact information: www.beaent.com Best Entertainment Around 1-800-694-2378

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