Pole Vixens Dance Team - Showing the World that Pole Dancing is Sexier With Your Clothes On - Seattle, Tacoma, Washington

by Karen
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

Pole Vixens Dance Team

Pole Vixens Dance Team

The Pole Vixens provide entertainment for shows and events. Watch sexy, strong, athletic girls spin, climb, and flip into your heart. Showing the world Pole Dancing is Sexier with your Clothes ON! What we offer:

(demo video link; www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcsz2nfadbc)

Shows and events for all budgets and audiences from night clubs to summer fairs. We are Aerial Pole Artists that combine that art of dance with the strength and grace of the sport of aerial pole, separating ourselves from your average run of the mill dancers.

1. Mobile Pole is where we set up in your parking lot and pole for 2 hours attracting the attention of all who drive, getting them to stop in and see what is going on!

2. Pole Jams are the most common and we dance for 2 hours with your house DJ or band adding a little extra to your evening with our aerial freestyle.

3. Pole Shows are elaborate shows with costumes, routines, and themes to entertain the masses by offering something different than a karaoke or comedy show.

For more information and prices, please call Kristen at 253-861-5584.

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