Rain Jammers - Frisbee and Footbag tricks/entertainment - Seattle, WA

by Mike Galloupe
(Seattle, Wa, USA)

"Your ego interferes with your sense of self. When you let go of the mind, the frisbee takes its own path"-Fredrick Lenz.
My name is Mike Galloupe, and I am the 2012 Freestyle Frisbee world champion; as well as the captain of the Seattle Rain Jammers.
We perform and teach the art of Freestyle Frisbee by performing frisbee and footbag tricks to music.
In doing this, we are combining the elements of dance, gymnastics and martial arts.
Our main goal in the passion that we share is to promote a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.
Depending on the event, time and wishes of the party, we offer both a day and night themed show/ensemble.
We have performed and taught at schools, churches, the YMCA, festivals, half-time shows, community events and birthday parties.
We are currently the only Freestyle Frisbee and Footbag team in the world.
Recruit the Seattle Rain Jammers and prepare for an exciting, interactive and unforgettable expirience.

Michael Galloupe, 206-618-4468, https://www.facebook.com/Seattle-Rainjammers-191041074644353/ , https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vXHJ7oDAbDl&feature=youtu.be

We are willing to travel to the edge of the earth!

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